Silver Arrows are always looking to buy stunning cars that meet our standards to add to our inventory.

Whilst our core business has focused on classic Mercedes-Benz over the past twenty years, our interest stems much further whether it be a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or other classic sports car. With our extensive knowledge and expertise built up over decades in the industry, we pride ourselves on making quick informed decisions, to help you achieve your car's true value. We have the resources to sell your car quickly, and importantly, hassle free. Our services include:


Outright purchase

We always prefer to purchase outright classic Mercedes-Benz and other fine classic cars. The vast majority of cars that we stock are our own cars, that we have personally invested in. Apart from nothing else, it show that we have complete faith in the cars that we are offering for sale. With the right car we always make quick decisions with rapid completion times. If you have an interesting car that you wish to sell, please get in touch.

Commission Sales

Whilst not our normal business model, there are times when its suits both ourselves and the seller of a car, to sell a car on their behalf. If this is is a route that you would prefer and have car that meets our criteria, we would be very happy to discuss this further.


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